Ireland's Environment


One of the most notable and striking aspects about Ireland is its natural beauty. The environment here is so much different than Nashville's. There are so many unique qualities about the Irish outdoors as well as specific challenges faced by those who live here.

What makes this environment special or different?:

Ireland is a special country because it is not as polluted as other industrialized places. Because it is on the edge of the European continent, it recieves lots of fresh air, wind and water from the Atlantic Ocean. This fact also contributes to its large amount of rainfall each year. Additionally, it never experienced an industrial revolution and the pollution that went with it. Instead, much of its economy is based on livestock and agriculture. 

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

Ireland is surrounded by water on all sides. This includes the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea and Celtic Sea. The Irish use the sea and its resources largely for food and transportation. 

The rain in Ireland is another great asset. It keeps the acres of pastures and fields watered and gives the country that bright green color it is so famous for. These fields are optimal for thousands of sheep and cattle to graze on each year. 

The Irish also harness the power of natural air flow through windmills.