Scallion Pancakes - A Tasty Taiwanese Snack

Finally, we fried the pancakes in a pot of oil, which not only cooks the dough and onions, but also allows the pancakes to develop their delicious, crunchy exterior. 

The process of making scallion pancakes is pretty simple, and the good news is that all of the ingredients can be found in grocery stores in the U.S.A! There are many scallion pancake recipes online, so if you’re looking to try this tasty Taiwanese street food, you can make it at home!

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?:

Scallion pancakes originated in China as a snack for farmers. Scallions grow well in China’s climate, so it is no surprise that people searched for a way to incorporate these green onions into their food. In fact, China grows so many scallions that the country is ranked number one in the world for scallion production.

It’s likely that people from China brought their traditional foods (such as scallion pancakes) with them when they immigrated to Taiwan. This movement of both people and traditions contributed to the popularity of scallion pancakes in Taiwan, today. Can you think of any popular foods in the United States that originated elsewhere in the world?

Hengchun, Taiwan
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