Scallion Pancakes - A Tasty Taiwanese Snack


Scallion pancakes, called 蔥油餅 (cong you bing) in Mandarin, are a popular street food in Taiwan. It’s easy to find them at night markets, especially because the delicious smell of fried onions is sure to draw you in. Not only do these pancakes smell delicious, but they are incredibly tasty, as well. 

Scallion pancakes have been around for centuries. Even Marco Polo, the famous explorer, is rumored to have liked them! In fact, there is a Chinese myth that pizza originated from Marco Polo's attempts to recreate scallion pancakes upon his return to Italy. Read on to learn more about this yummy snack!

What food did I try?:

When I arrived in Taiwan, one of the first new foods I tried were scallion pancakes. Even though they are called "pancakes" in English, don’t let the name fool you; scallion pancakes are very different from pancakes in the United States. While American pancakes are sweet and airy, scallion pancakes are savory, with a chewy texture on the inside and a crunchy, fried exterior. 

There are different variations of scallion pancakes in Taiwan. For instance, some vendors choose to pan-fry the pancake on a skillet, while others fry the pancake in oil. Sometimes, vendors will also add egg to the pancake to add an extra oomph to the flavor.