A Taste of Indonesia

Gado Gado usually includes lettuce and tofu or boiled vegetables served with peanut sauce on top. It is such a good blend of healthy and delicious! I eat it regularly if I am not eating at Warungs


How did I feel when I tried it?:

I've always loved peanuts and peanut butter, so I was excited to try more Indonesian food that used peanuts. I also do like spicy food, but quickly learned my definition of spicy is very different from the local definition of spicy. Now I never ask for spicy food, but for mild or medium at the highest. 

In the beginning, I usually ate at restaurants where I could order from the menu, knowing exactly what I was ordering. Most locals in Indonesia eat at Warungs, which are small restaurants or shops. There you can order from the menu or you can do what most people do and order from the counter. At the counter, they have a lot of food laid out and you simply tell the person what you want. You can get as little or as much of one dish as possible. I was a little nervous to try out the pointing style of ordering that is common at Warungs, but I have since eaten in this style at Warungs and absolutely love it. Sometimes the dishes have names, but sometimes they don't. I love it because you can try so many different types of food. I also have been to the same Warung, Loving Hut, many times so I know what some of the dishes taste like now. I'm glad I got over my nervousness because I do think this one of the best ways to, as Pokemon would say, "try them all".