A Taste of Indonesia

How is the food prepared?:

On the side of the road, you can see people grilling on small often portable grills making Sate Ayam or other dishes. Grilled meat covered in sauces is very popular here. Fried food is also popular as a side dish. I think fried food is used to help tame the spiciness of the sauces. Vegetables are sometimes fresh, but most of the time boiled or grilled. 

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?:

The food is Indonesia is incredibly connected to religion and what grows in Indonesia. Everyday people eat rice and everywhere in Indonesia, you can see rice being grown. Additionally, peanuts naturally grow in Indonesia, which is one reason they are used so often in cooking. As for meat, across the islands chicken is the most popular because it is easy to raise and no religions outlaw eating it. In Java, you will almost never see pork served because it is a heavily Muslim place and the Islamic faith forbids eating pork. In Bali, most people are Hindu, so beef is rarely eaten. Also, most of the food is thoroughly cooked instead of being served fresh or raw because of health and sanitation. By cooking the food, they ensure there's no bacteria. 

Yogyakarta, Indonesia