Gustatory: Pertaining to Taste

Many varieties of mushrooms can cause serious side effects such as illness or even death. My group was led by a local mushroom expert who helped us identify mushrooms that were safe to eat. As long as you do your research and are careful when picking, you'll be in great shape! I had a lot of fun going on this trip and plan on researching more about this hobby when I return home from Sweden!

What food did I try?:

I tried bilberries, lingonberries, trattkantarelles, golden chantarelles, porcini, karljohan (a.k.a. stensopp), black trumpet, and blek taggsvamp mushrooms! 

How did I feel when I tried it?:

Any time I eat good food, I feel very happy and content. As I previously stated, there is an immense feeling of satisfaction in eating food that you collected with your own hands! This food is free from processing and any other forms of alterations that are usually found in store-bought products. In addition, being in the wilderness, soaking up the warm afternoon sun, and cooking the mushrooms over the fire as the crisp Autumn air blew around us... all of these sensations culminated in a surreal experience. I highly encourage you all to go out and enjoy nature in different ways like this, making your own adventures! 

How is the food prepared?:

The trattkantarelles and the golden chantarelles were first parboiled to remove excess water, then fried in butter with a dash of salt and pepper. After this process, the mushrooms reduce greatly in size. This serves to concentrate the flavor of the mushrooms so that with each bite you take, the juices from the mushrooms coat your taste buds, giving off an incredibly aromatic, light, brothy sensation.