Gustatory: Pertaining to Taste

The porcini, karljohan, and the blek taggsvamp mushrooms were cooked together in a similar fashion. These mushrooms are substantially larger than the other mushrooms and have a tender meat-like texture with a similar rich, earthy, flavor. 

The black trumpet mushrooms are typically dried in the oven to concentrate their flavor and then used to provide a major boost of umami (a savory taste that is now recognized as the fifth basic taste) in soups and stews! Our mushroom expert took home the black trumpets to dry, and she will be cooking dinner using those mushrooms my group of friends that went foraging. I am very excited for this upcoming meal!

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?:

Absolutely!  This food is 100% connected to the environment. Although the mushroom season is a regularly occurring event, it does require particular weather conditions to truly flourish. Mushrooms are most widely found following wet, humid seasons! 

Danderyo Forest