Changing Seasons


I've mentioned several times in my articles already about how much I love the integration of nature within the city of Stockholm. For the past couple of weeks, autumn has steadily settled in. Every day, as I walk to the train station, I am surrounded by vivid splashes of fiery red and golden yellow that provide stark contrast to the lush, deep green of the trees and grass. I hope these photos allow you to experience, in part, the wonder that I have at the beauty of nature! (I'm also going to add in other photos of nature that aren't as relevant to this article.)

What does this creature or plant look like?:

The trees are by far the defining feature of the fall. Now that the cold weather is settling in, sunny days are not as frequent. However, when the sun is out, one is treated to an incredible juxtaposition of the three primary colors. The bright blue sky, hazy with wisps of cloud, lies in the background of the many trees 

How did I feel when I saw it?:

It is difficult to describe... I suppose you could say I felt "mentally-light" and contented? It's interesting, as it's not as simple as "I saw this, and then I felt this". To help you better understand the scene, it had just rained the night before, and I was casually strolling to the train station to meet some friends early the next morning.