Justin's Journey to Georgia

Current Location

Tbilisi Georgia

My passion for travel takes me to the country of Georgia. I will live with local families studying the history of the Soviet Union and Russia while also learning Russian! Want to join me?


Living in Tbilisi is very different from living in the United States. Every day, there is something new and exciting to see or experience just around the corner!


Hello, future travelers! I would like to tell you about myself and why I am studying in Georgia!

Field Notes

Getting around Tbilisi is much different from how I am used to in the United States. The main difference in Tblisi is that instead relying on a personal car people, here, use public transportation.


Tbilisi loves its dogs and cats! The city is filled with local animals who have received all their shots from the vet. People pet them and give them drinks, dog/cat food, and treats like meat.