Farewell Journal

Batumi Georgia
41.646097800000, 41.640490000000
Journal Entry:

During my two-week break, I went on a Mediterranean cruise. I began with a few days of sightseeing in Valencia, Spain. Then, I enjoyed sunny days, beautiful beaches and impressive cathedrals. There was even a multiday religious festival, where hundreds of locals dressed in traditional outfits and held festivities. I then spent the next seven days on the MSC Seashore. I was told this cruise ship can hold up to 5,000 passengers, has 18 floors including numerous restaurants, pools, game rooms and more. We stopped at port cities in France, Spain and Italy during this cruise. Unfortunately, cloudy weather seemed to follow us everywhere we went, but we still made the most of our time and saw so many amazing things in these historic locations. I also ate plenty of delicious food at the buffet and restaurant. I went on the cruise with my friend Erica who I had worked with previously, and at our assigned dinner table, we met two wonderful couples from Lithuania. I will spend the next eight weeks focusing on the Russian language as I study in Batumi, Georgia, before some more travels and then my return home. It has been a pleasure sharing my journey with you all, and I hope you all can continue in school knowing that you, too, can study abroad!