Nice to Meet You!

So I got out of the military and followed my dream to attend university. The mountains were (and are) my favorite place to be, so I enrolled at Colorado State University. I have studied at CSU for over two years, now and will graduate before Christmas in 2023, all being well!

At university, I have chosen to study languages and cultures, specifically, Russian. This means I read many different types of writings that help me learn about other cultures, and I write many essays, specifically related to researching history related to Russia and Eastern Europe, and I learn the Russian language. Visiting other countries and cultures strongly impacted my decision to attend university, and, for a long time, I knew I also wanted to study abroad. I realized that I could also learn about the cultures I was researching from those who had grown up in these places. Living in another culture is an essential component to becoming fluent in a new language. In terms of my grades at university so far, I have only had 2 B's, the rest being A's. In order to be successful in moving towards my goals, I study a lot and have won scholarships that pay for my studies abroad. Now until May, I am living in Tbilisi, Georgia. Here, I am studying the history of the Soviet Union and the conflict in Ukraine and practicing my Russian. I will go to Batumi, Georgia, in the summer to continue focusing on my Russian language skills. After I graduate from university, I plan to apply for scholarships to pay for a Master's degree at another university. 

When I was your age, I had never even heard of many of the countries I have now been to. However, since I started looking, there are so many chances to study abroad with funding from scholarships.