Soccer (Futebol) has been an important part of Brazilian culture for the past century. Whenever there is a game, almost all Brazilians put on their favorite soccer shirts to support their teams. Many people will gather at a restaurant to watch the game together. After the game ends, most people celebrate by chanting and dancing in the plaza together.

What tradition did I learn about?:

I first learned about the importance of soccer from my Brazilian grandmother. I have very wonderful memories of watching the FIFA World Cup together in her living room. But in Brazil, I am able to see the excitement of a whole community of people during each game! It is very different to watch a soccer game with the town instead of with my avô (grandmother) in her quiet living room. Do you watch the FIFA World Cup?

Why does the community have this tradition?:

Brazil embraces soccer because it brings communities together. The country of Brazil is almost as large as the United States, and every region of Brazil has many different cultures. However, soccer became popular because it brings the whole country together. Even though team rivalry may seem serious, most people are happy to just spend time together and watch the game.