Yummy Foods


In Brazil, the warm climate makes it possible to grow many plants that typically aren't found in much of the U.S. For example, I've come across a lot of sugarcane, coffee and açai berries. While I've often enjoyed eating and drinking these before, I recently learned about the plants they come from and how they are used to make some delicious Brazilian dishes!

What food did I try?:

While coxinha (deep-fried chicken salad croquettes) are my favorite food, I've tried to sample as many of the food products that come from Brazil as possible. This week I stopped at a food truck in Boa Esperança that served sugarcane juice squeezed directly from Brazilian sugarcane. I've also been drinking a lot of Brazilian coffee because it is common to meet friends over coffee in the afternoons. Finally, açai is a common dessert here, and it's just too yummy to resist!

How did I feel when I tried it?:

I felt surprised when I found a sugarcane juice truck because I have never seen one of these in the United States. I was also surprised to learn that sugarcane makes green juice instead of white or clear juice! Do you like drinking sweet juices? Even though it looks strange, the drink is very sweet and delicious!