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What main languages are spoken here?:

The language used on the ship is English. We do have scientists and crew from all around the world, though, so I often hear Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian and German being spoken among the scientists.

What type of money is used here?:

I don't need to worry about anything related to money... everything is taken care of for us on the ship. There's no need for me to carry any money, as I wouldn't have anything to spend it on.

How much does a bottle of water cost?:

We use refillable cups and water bottles on the ship, both of which are better for the environment. It's important to stay hydrated at sea, so I can refill my water bottle as much as I want for free.

What was the best meal this week?:

Everyone on the ship looks forward to Sundays, when the chefs on the JOIDES Resolution prepare a huge barbeque dinner for us. The chefs and kitchen staff can prepare amazing food even when the ship is moving all around in 20-foot waves! 

What music did I listen to this week?:

I listened to a lot of types of music. I really like to listen to types of world music that feature female singers.