Colorful Clothes are Widespread in India!


One of my favorite things about India is the huge diversity of clothing! I’ve mentioned a few kinds already- for example saris and salwar kameez. There are too many kinds of clothes to talk about in just one article, so today I’ll describe some of the most common types of clothing I see men and women wearing around Bengaluru.

What tradition did I learn about?:

In general, traditional clothing in India is colorful, loose and brightly patterned. Because India is such a huge and diverse country, the type of clothing worn can vary based on what part of the country you’re in.

Women’s clothing is extremely diverse, and the type of clothing preferred often depends on the age of the woman. Older women generally wear saris every day, while many younger women only wear saris on special occasions, like for weddings or important festivals. Saris are basically a long sheet of colorful cloth that is wrapped around the body multiple times to cover yourself. Different regions of India have different ways of wrapping the sari. Regardless, though, putting on a sari is quite difficult to get the hang of!

Women of all generations wear salwar kameez suits. They come in many styles, and different styles are more common in different parts of India.