The Culinary Capital of South America


Lima, Peru has received many international awards for its food and is well known for being the culinary capital of South America. However, outside of Lima, the food in Peru can vary greatly. Food in the jungle region is much different than the typical meals in the mountains and on the coast. I will explain the dishes I have tried here in Peru. I encourage you to think "Would I enjoy trying these different plates?"

What food did I try?:

Trying new foods can be scary. Sometimes we don't know if we are going to like them. For example, when I first tried anticuchos, which are marinated cows hearts, I was terrified! But most Peruvians assured me that they were delicious and tastes like steak meat. I closed my eyes, embraced biting the first piece, and to my surprise, I really loved the flavor! But not all food experiences are wins.

How did I feel when I tried it?:

Did you know that Peru is the origin of the potato? In Peru, there are over 4,000 potato varieties, so we eat a lot of potatoes (as you can imagine)! I love trying new foods. Since living here, I have tried over 50 new dishes.