Sushi and Tradition in a Single Bite


Japanese culture is steeped in food, this aspect having a major impact on the everyday lives of those who live here. With so many prefectures, cities, towns and villages located across the regions, different variations of the same form of meal can be found throughout this country. In this field note, we'll be going over sushi, a Japanese dish that can be traced back to the very early history of ancient Japan. Sushi is a Japanese dish that has become popular worldwide and is known for its cultural significance and aesthetic presentation. Sushi used to be a method known as narezushi to help preserve raw fish through the process of fermentation with rice, allowing people to store the fish for longer periods of time so that it could be consumed later. As a part of this process, the rice would cover the raw fish and be stored to ferment the fish, the rice eventually being discarded once the fish was ready to be eaten. As time passed, more and more techniques evolved to make different forms of sushi, such as the process of adding vinegar to the rice, which allows the rice to become edible along with the fish. Today, there are different variations of sushi that can be found across Japan and even the world.