Sakura Season!


Every spring time in Japan, around the months from March to May, sakura season comes to full bloom before quickly blowing away! Sakura refers to a specific variation of ornamental cherry blossom trees, cultivated for the flowers on the tree. In today's society, there are a variety of different sakura tree variations, all coming in different colors, shapes and sizes! During the sakura blooming season, many people like going hanami viewing or flower viewing, which is a traditional custom of enjoying and looking at sakura trees in their full bloom state. For most types of hanami, many people choose to have an outdoor picnic under or beneath sakura in both the daytime hours and the nighttime hours, each tree having its own aesthetic and appearance depending on the location. Sakura is overall a very special and unique event that in Japan only happens over the span of three short months! 

What does this creature or plant look like?:

Sakura or cherry blossom trees comes in many different shapes and sizes! For example, sakura petals are usually very small and delicate, with even the slightest breeze or push of wind causing the flower to fall off!