Gustatory: Pertaining to Taste


     There is an incomparably unique satisfaction that comes from eating food that you have personally gathered in the wild. This practice, also known as foraging, is very popular in Sweden. In particular, the months of August through October are the prime time to gather mushrooms. I went with a group of nine other students to a forest 30 minutes north of my university campus and were able to collect two full bags of mushrooms!

     Here in Sweden, there is a law called Allemansrätten (which can be interpreted as "The Right to Roam") which, along with the right to hike and camp in public spaces, enables anyone to walk into the wild and collect food. One of the more unique aspects of Stockholm is the numerous forests spread within the city limits. These forests all contain several species of mushrooms and berries that local residents regularly harvest. If you are careful and attentive, one can easily find the coveted, golden-colored chantarelles, the minuscule but flavor-packed trattkantarelles, or the large and hearty porcini mushrooms, just to name a few. In addition to mushrooms, the forest is home to many types of berries such as bilberries (a European blueberry), lingonberries (cranberries), wild strawberries, or blackberries. 

PLEASE NOTE: Be very careful when picking wild mushrooms to eat!