Eating My Way Through Georgia

There is traditional and modern Georgian food, where they cover Khinkali in different sauces, add new ingredients to Khachapuri, and other twists to classic dishes. I mostly eat Georgian food, but there are also places to get international dishes like Asian food, burgers and pizza. One of my favorite places to get a taste of home is a bagel place with delicious bagels and real cream cheese, not too far from where I study. I absolutely love bagels and cream cheese. To remind me even more of America, I even walk past a big Mcdonald's with a drive-thru every day when I walk home from the metro station.

How did I feel when I tried it?:

I have often felt a bit sleepy because their food is so tasty that I often eat until I cannot eat any more! I also usually want something to drink because we use aged cheese in the U.S. and many other countries; in Georgia, they prefer new cheese, which is still very soft, like the consistency of cottage cheese, and it is very salty. The cheese here is called Sulguni cheese, and it is delicious; you will, however, definitely want something to drink along with it. You can enjoy many familiar drinks like soda, coffee, tea and lemonade, but Georgia's famous lemonade is a must, here! These are flavored soda waters with many fruity flavors to choose from. Georgian food leaves you full and in food heaven from how tasty their dishes are; it is a must-try!

How is the food prepared?:

In the countryside, most dishes are prepared over fire or in clay ovens that look like wells. They can cook food in a pan, grill meat over the flames and bake break fresh bread in clay ovens. As with restaurants in America, here they have the same appliances.