These Boots Were Made For Walking!


Like most people in the United States, I live in a city where a personal car is the best way to get around. This is because many things can be far away. For making errands and getting to destinations both far away and near to me, a car is usually my the fastest and most comfortable option. A bicycle is also a popular way to get around American cities quickly, which is why bike lanes are common in the U.S.. We have parking lots and spots for bikes all over our cities, so we rarely have to walk far from where we park in order to reach our destination. In Tiblisi, however, there are no parking lots, and there are no bike lanes. The only special lanes belong to buses, so they can avoid getting stuck in traffic. Public transportation is the primary method for people getting to the area they need in Tiblisi: once a person arrives at their metro/bus/marshrutka stop, it is usually only a 10-minute walk to their final destination.

How do people get around?:

The majority of people get around using public transportation. This includes the underground metro, buses, and marshrutkas (large vans). Many people have personal vehicles, but parking is hard to find, and drivers usually need to park on narrow streets. There are also so many people in Tbilisi making the traffic during rush hour so bad for cars that it is almost faster to walk!