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Instead, they focused on public transportation, having metro and bus systems, especially in capital cities. 

The specific environment of this city also made public transportation the more logical choice over driving. Tbilisi is built up in the hills and city-planners have, therefore, focused on building up, not out. And they have had their work cut out, as Tbilisi has nearly half of the country's population living in it. To find free-standing houses, you must mostly go outside the city or onto its outskirts. Inside of the city, there are mainly apartment buildings to allow more people to live in what is quite a small area. While Tiblisi is a large city, there are many malls situated throughout the city, with many places to shop, eat, work out or do whatever you need to do. In this way, people usually do not need to travel far from their homes, making car-ownership unnecessary. Then there is public transportation outside of the city--buses to the mountains, buses to different cities, and trains to other cities. So you can see that public transportion is a far more efficient way of getting. If everyone used cars here,  there would not be enough room to park them all, and th traffic would be even worse!

Tbilisi, Georgia
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