Mongolia's Famous Golden Eagles


The Golden Eagle is a beautiful, magnificent bird that lives in many different parts of the world including Mongolia. It is a very popular symbol of Mongolia, and every year there is an eagle festival in Western Mongolia. Many people in Mongolia train eagles for hunting, keeping each eagle for two or three years before letting it go and training another one.

What does this creature or plant look like?:

The Golden Eagle is very large, about the size of a small dog, and has brown and white feathers. Together, these feathers make the eagle appear gold in color. It has a sharp, curved beak and dark eyes that are good for spotting prey, and very large, powerful wings. It also has sharp talons (or claws) on both feet.

How did I feel when I saw it?:

I was very amazed when I first saw a Golden Eagle. It was so much bigger, and certainly much heavier, than I had expected! It is incredible to me that such a powerful bird exists in the world.

Where does it live?:

The Golden Eagle lives in much of the Northern Hemisphere (the half of the earth north of the Equator), including parts of North America, and of course Mongolia. It is especially common in Western Mongolia.