The Life of a Mongolian High School Student


I interviewed some of the high school students I work with at the State Department's Access English Scholarship Program. These kids are a ton of fun to work with!

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

I usually drink tea or coffee and eat hot cereal for breakfast. For lunch, I eat whatever school is on offer that day--often tsuivan or another Mongolian food. For dinner my mom makes delicious Mongolian foods like tsuivan, buuz, and khushuur. We eat these foods and drink Mongolian milk tea. 

What is your house like?:

Like many families in Ulaanbaatar we live in an apartment. I share a room with my little sister, and my parents have a bedroom. Our apartment is not big, but it is cozy. 

What chores do you have at home?:

At home, I have to help my mom make dinner, wash the dishes, and help clean. It is the responsibility of me and my sister to make sure the house is clean!

What jobs do your parents have?:

My dad is a driver for a tour company, and my mom is an office manager. 

What time does school start, and what time do you go home?:

School starts at 8am every morning and ends at 2pm.