Mongolia's Nomads


For thousands of years, people in Mongolia have lived a nomadic lifestyle, meaning that they do not live in one place their whole lives. Instead, every year, they might move three or four times as the seasons change. If you have learned about Native Americans, think about how the tribes in the West of the U.S.A. used to live in teepees and move around, seasonally. In Mongolia, many people still live this way. These people are herders, meaning they take care of animals, and they move around with their herds (usually sheep, cows, or goats), so the animals can find new grass to eat. Nomads in Mongolia live in round, white tent homes called gers. Almost every nomadic family owns horses, which they use to herd the animals from place to place, and to travel more efficiently when driving is difficult. 

What tradition did I learn about?:

I learned about the nomadic traditions of Mongolia. People who raise animals for a living move their herds from place to place throughout the countryside. They ride horses, and even move their houses with the help of these animals!

Why does the community have this tradition?:

Hundreds of years ago, all of the people in Mongolia were members of different tribes, many of whom raised animals because it was both a good source of food and income (money). Now, many Mongolians still live this lifestyle.